Our team at the JPK Stroke Research Center hosts WHISR—White Matter Hyperintensity Imaging Stroke Research—a speaker series in which a collaborator presents his or her research to the JPK/Neurology community at MGH. These monthly presentations bring together our research center along with other members of the MGH/MIT community in a collaborative, focused environment to discuss the innovative and progressive research currently taking place.

Future Meetings:
Anna Bonkhoff will present. 12/20/2019
Past Meetings:
Markus Schirmer presented "Unfinished Tales: Challenges in Connectomics and of Ventricles" 11/08/2019
Bernhard Egger presented "Patient-specific statistical shape models" 09/20/2019
Sook-Lei Liew presented "Big Data Neuroimaging Approaches for Stroke Rehabilitation Research" 05/17/2019
Sava Sakadzic presented "Two-photon microscopic imaging of capillary red blood cell flux in mouse brain reveals vulnerability of cerebral white matter to hypoperfusion" 03/01/2019
Florian Dubost presented "Weakly supervised neural networks for the detection of enlarged perivascular spaces in brain MRI" 01/25/2019
Piergiorgio Salvan presented "Brain organization is linked with a physically active lifestyle in early adolescence" 11/02/2018
Markus Schirmer, Anne-Katrin Giese, and Marco Nardin presented "MRI-Genetics Interface Exploration (MRI-GENIE) Study: The Genie Is Out of the Bottle" 10/26/2018
Kirsten Christensen-Jeffries presented "Super-resolution Ultrasound Imaging Using Microbubbles" 07/13/2018
David Lin presented "Stroke recovery: a comprehensive view across the post-stroke continuum" 04/13/2018
Markus Schirmer presented "Large scale image analysis in acute ischemic stroke - White matter hyperintensities and outcome analysis" 03/16/2018
Ira Ktena presented "Brain connectivity in acute ischemic stroke patients: towards prediction of functional outcome" 02/23/2018
Oula Pounti presented “Computational Analysis of Structural MRI: From Segmentation to Individualized Brain Stimulation” 02/09/2018
Mark Etherton presented “Neuroimaging to Predict Stroke Recovery: What really matters?” 12/08/2017
Massimo Pandolfo presented “Gene therapies for Friedreich Ataxia” 10/20/2017
Ira Ktena presented “Learning from graph-structured neuroimaging data” 09/22/2017
Fanny Herisson presented “Local interactions between the skull bone marrow and the brain: a shortcut in the neuroimmune axis” 07/14/2017
Markus Schirmer presented “ARTEMIS: Prediction models for outcomes of brain vascular health” 06/30/2017
Anastasia Yendiki presented “Tools for automated analysis of white-matter anatomy from diffusion MRI” 04/21/2017
Marilyn Cipolla presented “Role of the blood-brain barrier and microvascular remodeling in brain injury during pre-eclampsia and eclampsia” 03/10/2017
Rufus Akinyemi presented “Changing Global Stroke—Epidemiology of Stroke: Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa” 02/17/2017
Taylor Kimberly presented “Biomarkers and therapeutic targets for brain edema after stroke” 11/18/2016
Steve Pieper presented “Overview, Applications, and Discussion of Partners Systems for Controlled Access to Clinical Records and Medical Images: RPDR and mi2b2” 10/21/2016
Pamela Rist presented “The morbidity burden of stroke, migraine, and cognitive decline: an epidemiologic perspective” 09/16/2016
Eric Klawiter presented “Evaluation of brain connectivity and tissue microstructure in multiple sclerosis” 08/19/2016
Markus Schirmer presented “From baby connectome to aging white matter: a research journey” 07/15/2016
Calin I. Prodan presented "Coated-Platelets and Cerebrovascular Disease" 06/17/2016
Edward P. Feener presented "The plasma kallilrein system as a potential therapeutic target for homeostasis, thrombosis, and neuroprotection" 06/03/2016
Daniel Bos presented "Intracranial carotid artery calcification: the impact on the brain" 05/20/2016
Holly Hinson presented "Fever, Inflammation, and Secondary Brain Injury" 03/11/2016
Adrian Dalca presented "Characterization of cerebrovascular pathologies from brain images" 01/29/2016
Brian Edlow presented "Virtual Dissection of Human White Matter to Map the Connectivity of Consciousness" 11/20/2015
Jorg Dietrich presented "Neurotoxicity from cancer therapy- is it all about the myelin?" 10/16/2015
Lucia M. Vaina presented "How can functional cortical connectivity reveal the nature of motion deficits in stroke patients?" 09/18/2015
M. Arfan Ikram presented "Imaging and Genetics: from unraveling etiology to prediction of clinical disease" 05/15/2015
Kim Mouridsen presented "Imaging perfusion and capillary dysfunction" 04/17/2015
Phillip Zhe Sun presented "Imaging pH and Kurtosis change during acute stroke" 03/20/2015
James E. Faber presented "Genetic and environmental determinants of the leptomeningeal collateral circulation" 02/27/2015
M. Edip Gurol presented "Does White Matter Really Matter in CAA and AD?” 02/20/2015
David Salat presented "Cerebrovascular contributions to brain aging and dementia: insights from neuroimaging" 01/16/2015
Christopher Anderson presented "Lipids and the cerebral small vessels: how genetics can help" 12/12/2014
Anand Viseanathan presented "CADASIL: a Model Disease to Study White Matter Damage?" 11/14/2014
Fanny Herisson presented "The spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rat as a model of small vessel disease" 10/17/2014
Francesco Blasi presented "Animal models of subcortical stroke: tissue and behavioral deficits after focal white and grey matter infarcts" 09/19/2014
Javier M. Romero presented "Ultra-high field MRI: what could 7T teach us about white matter disease?" 07/11/2014
Meike Vernooij presented "White matter in aging: The Rotterdam Study" 06/06/2014
Patricia Musolino presented "The role of the neurovascular unit during inflammatory demyelination: translating what we learned from X-linked adrenoleukodystrophies to stroke" 05/23/2014